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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening, i'm dion lim. dangerous drugs taking over bay area streets. >> when they take it, because it's so strong, it's killing them. >> tonight, the push to stop deadly drug congress -- cocktails. tonight's top story a warning for you. about an alarming and growing local trend threatening your counter fit pills being pushed on the streets are killing people at an alarming rate. nine overdoses since the beginning of the year on a fentinal and xanax mix. and more than 100 people tweeted after doping spice.
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-- reporter explains accident these are putting -- these are putting all of our loves at risk. >> risk. price. this video shows people barely functioning. >> it's like walker from the walk dead. >> a nearly overwhelming number of overdoses. firefighters responding to 59 calls over the st. patrick's day weekend. >> reporter: one dollar is all it cost to buy a spice cigarette. but all of the overdoses are burning through first responder's budget. >> approximately $16,000 to run and treat those patients. >> accord ing to numbers provide by tampa fire and rescue that you see treating a spice agent, spice related calls have cost around $50,000. which doesn't calculate the ere impact it's having. >> if your family member was ill or sick, we're still going to respond and get ems units there but it may take a few
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>> reporter: response times are rising a long with the over type of overdoses. the cost for taxpayers around the bay area are high. cuba and the united states have different governments and different economies. but president visit and baseball are helping to bridge those differences. president barack obama, is in the record books. tonight, the first couple attended a state dinner havana and earlier today, the mood was less celebrity. as president obama and cuban president held a joint news conference. >> ed thed are aced -- the road ahead won't be easy. fortunately we don't have to swim with sharks in order to achieve the goals you and i set forth. >> and the some tense moments as u.s. reporters questioned
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tomorrow the president will enjoy the national support when the baseball team takes on our very own tampa bay rays. >> talk about how baseball is the common law between the united states and cuba. today a few of the players got to see how that love starts at an early age. it's a casual game of catch. that this 9-year-old will likely never forget. threw the bag back and forth for several minutes after they met following the team's practice. when it was time to go, archer made sure his newest number one fan had a way to remember the day. i asked what had thought about rays being in cuba. and the pitcher. he just smiled and said -- [ inaudible ] >> outfielder and was struck by the experience. it's much more than a high profile game to him.
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i never had the opportunity like he did to play with someone like chris archer. >> he wasn't on the team's official roster, players lobbied for him to be here and manager kevin knew he had to make the trip. >> the reaction we saw from the family with verona i think it made everything worthwhile. >> reporter: it's moments like these that show how this trip continue to take on new maning -- meaning even before the first trip. >> exactly what we are doing here. and, you know, how much excitement there is around this ball game. >> hopefully i don't have a hard time falling asleep. >> just before noon. the first pitch is scheduled for 1:50 in the afternoon. we'll be there. we'll bring you the biggest moments. 10 news wtsp. also new tonight p carnival
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permission to cruise to cuba. service begins may 1th. 1st -- 1st. take a look. investigator say a it 34-year- old was speeding early sunday morning. she got off the interstate at bush boulevard where she was arrested. according to f d.o.t., i275 in tampa is one of the most common spots for wrong way crashes. >> a new york time polls believe most americans believe hill rhode island clinton and donald trump will face each other. but more than half of voters have an unfavorable opinion about the frontrunners. take a look at the poll here. each has a net negative rating in the double digits. clinton 52%. both of them gave foreign policy speech before the largest proisrael political action group. they're seeking support from an
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>> we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, proisrael on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> and other gop candidates speeches. apac has never endorsed a president candidate but speaking before the group has long been considered a must. this is is your 60 second scan. the fbi say they may have found a method to unlock an iphone. canceled. the fbi has been demanding they unlock a device. federal prosecutors say an
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that possible solution. two california now -- to california now where star bucks is facing a class action lawsuit. accused of under filling drinks by up to 25%. thebecause barristas don't fill them to the brim of the cup. and amazon warning kindle users if you have a pre2013 device you need to update it by tomorrow. owners who have not updated in awhile will lose their internet connection and that enmoos they won't be -- and that means they won't be able to get books downloaded. you will need to manually download and install the update if you miss the deadline. hulk hogan wins begin.
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$25 million in punitive damages for publishing the now notorious sex tape. >> i believe his privacy was violated and that's not okay. >> reporter: jury see lee in a stevens wanted to send a message not just to gawker but to all media. >> i went in thinking one way and watching that video sealed it for me. if he knew he was being video taped he would not have spoke about the things he spoke about. >> and for publishing that video, she and other jurors came down hard on gawkers. the jurors say gawker is liable and owner. 10 million and former editor, 100 now, dollars. million. >> feels great. that's happened. and i think we made history today because i think we
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through. it's not over. they may have lost the trial but they'll win the appeal. >> we have heard the jury's decision and we look forward to going to the appeal's court where the law will be followed. >> gawker says it applans to appeal as soon as possible. but if the damages are up held, this could be the end of tabloid site. it's we should be concerned as residents and citizens. >> concerned about what's in your drinking water. >> plus, how a simple typo could crash your computer. >> and bringing the big screen to your living room. what would you be willing to pay to watch a newly released movie from home. >> the big cool down has arrived. here we are 11:00 already seeing temperatures in the mid- 40s. and we keep right on dropping overnight.
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the safety of your water is top of mind after what happened in flint, michigan. >> we fought the city and the
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something wrong and we were dismissed. i decide we needed to get to the science if anyone was going to believe us. >> and while things aren't nearly as bad. there are some people in st. petersburg raising concern. digs deeper into a water line that bury under what could be dangerous dirt. >> and now there's concern about a pipeline that supplies the home. five years ago it was buried under dirt. according to this florida department of environmental protection contamination report, the dirt loaded with 600-800 times the acceptable level of led. but city water managers continue to tell city council that had the dirt is cleaned up. >> we had a water main running through the contaminated site that's not been cleaned up? >> not to my knowledge. >> but in the lawsuit that was
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involved, the water management district says they refused to take action to clean up the property. >> how come the water department won't sit down and talk to us. >> we wanted to know why the city water department was deeing the council something different than the water district. >> about the site being cleaned up. >> city administrator wouldn't answer our questions. but environmental engineering professor warns that is a situation that could cause concern. >> when the water pressure gets too low in those pipes, that's when there's a danger for external water to infiltrate into the pipe seasonal and then you can get contamination for bacteria chemicals. >> reporter: he saided it could be a severe problem. >> but what you showed me, showed me there would be potential from lead from the ground water to the soil to be entering into the distribution system maybe showing up in people's homes.
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member says this is a concern and the city must take all precause of action cautions -- precautions. >> reporter: and a couple that said they had to move after their sonitussed twice with high levels of lead in his blood. >> we need to take action. >> reporter: and allen conner who own this is mobile home park isn't the only one that's concerned. us if professor cunningham says unless the pressure on the water line running through the gun club is monitored, you can't really tell whether lead is seeping into the water supply or not. but what we ask the city of st. peter east -- peterspeters peter'sburg for the
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no way to measure but the city says it's water treatment and distribution system is fine. however, following 10 investigate stories, it will now run tests on some 300 homes in the next several weeks, but if the led gets into the pipe, where there's a drop in pressure. that won't show up every time the water quality is tested. and remember, st. pete says, it has it no idea if the pressure is dropping on that line. 10 investigates. we should point out today was the first day of spring. >> second technically. >> but it's basically just a repeat of winter. >> mother nature has been so confusing. >> highs in the 60s. our second day of spring. okay. we're stapling in the 70s camp here. not the case. but we did get a gorgeous sunset out of the day. so we at least had one win.
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check out this one over the hotel. there. absolutely stunning. look at all of the gorgeous colors. now, notice there isn't a lot of cloud cover for us to work with. so what that means is, we are going to cool things down. in fact, we have already started that spiraling downward trend this evening. 10. so that means, those temperatures are dropping. all of that heat radiating. we've already got 40a. and pinellas, that's where we're seeing some of the warmest temperatures. and 59 degrees right now in braedenton. 46 temple harris and 47 land o lease's lake -- lakes. a frost advisory 4:00 this morning until 9:00 tomorrow.
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it is going to be chilly. and likely dealing with some frost. a little bit anyway early tomorrow morning. winds coming down. so the really between the clear skies and lack of winds and really a picture perfect set up for chilly temperatures. so lighter winds through the overnight hours. we'll keep things pretty cool. in fact, by 5:00 a.m. note those temperatures already down in the 50s around the area. they will make a quick recovery. unlike today because we see those lighter winds continuing into tomorrow. and that drier air still remains in place. when we have the dew points in the 30s. everything is going to that tort moderate by wednesday. the humidity comes back and our temperatures in the 80s will be back at the that point as well. but first we got to get you through tonight. we've got some cold numbers for you. about 48 in tampa. as we get into the nature coast. that's where we see some upper 30s.
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getting you down to braedenton. about 49 degrees tonight. and then we continue to see those chilly temperatures even into the inland communities. we'll get you into the low 40s. so pretty much across the board if you're not in pinellas. so you can expect at least upper 40s. those will be the few spots that are going to hang on. but then we'll rebound nicely into the 70s tomorrow. still a little bit choppy out on the water. one more day if you're thinking about taking the boat out. moderate to heavy chop. 3-5-foot seas. and then diminishing later on in the afternoon and evening. low tide coming up at 8:32. so that's what's coming up over in the next 24 hours or so. as we head into wednesday, high pressure starts to take hold. we start to warm up and we also start to see an increase in the cloud cover. not doing much in the rain of bringing in rain chances just yet until this system starts getting closer and we start
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so by thursday evening, i think we'll get a few showers out of this and it looks more widespread as we head into the weekend. so by friday even, tracking widespread activity and heads up the allergy levels are going to be high for the next several days as well. the rainy days this weekend, unfortunately. looking for at least the 70% coverage. and the possibility of some strong storms return to the forecast on sunday. you can get the forecast any time. just download by searching for wtsp in the app store. a consumer alert. hackers using a common typo of all things, to steal your information. your computer. scammers are essentially buying do main names similar to legitman website. so when you go to the site it computer. netflix, amazon and starbucks just a few of the companies dealing with fake versions of their site.
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your computer and your personal information? security experts, they stick to trusted and encrypted web sites. tunnel check the address and all keep your software up to date. okay. grab your popcorn. the box office may be coming to your living room. a new start up company, known as the screaming room, may soon allow you to watch movies at home on the very same day they hit theaters. several major studios including universal. and sony have already expressed interest. it would cost $50 per viewing. and the device to stream those movies would cost 150 bucks. the florida holocaust museum hosted the pass the plate cook off contest. it was a celebration of jewish callture, history and --
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i go to the sample -- got to sample all of the delicious recipes. the museum hosts a lot of events around the year. to learn about them you can visit the rays are having a ball and ready to play tomorrow. >> usf had its pro day. who's ready? >> and the us if women gets ago
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all right. big baseball tomorrow.
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their historic visit to havana. chris archers wanted to mingle with the locals. he played a little catch. the rays had work out at 55,000 feet today. took senator a clinic havana neighborhood. really doing their best to soak up the cuban seat. and increase good will with the baseball crazy locals. >> probably taken a lot of people away from their every day jobs, but once we got here, and the reaction we saw from the family, joining his family, i think it made everything worthwhile. >> again, you can't see this enough. this was the best moment. he hasn't seen him in three years. a lot of people in tears. will lead it off and start many right field. matt moore will start the game tomorrow afternoon. all right.
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points in the first half. outscored by 16 by ucla in the first half. and still clawing their way back in the second half of the second round tournament game. quick early start. jordan canada with the steal. she finds billings all alone. and the bruins by 16 at the half. the bull stars woke up in the second half. courtney williams. great work to get that shut off. she finished with 29. jenkins on the turn around. she had 19. the bulls cut to 1 and that was it. feels with the bucket here. and ucla ends their great season. and florida state, thick first half of the seminoles. and volgot. 18 points. he is went inside. he is went outside. 'noles up by 21. this is in college station too. here's the steal by britney brown. he is goes all of the way. fsu wins.
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to play number one baylor. and you remember him, he's going to be back on the side ruins. he'll be a defensive assistant with the jaguars. and willie taggert watched the seniors show their stuff. the 6'2" transfer had a good day. and thor is a 318-pound guard. i have seen him name as a possible late round pick. he should go earlier just for the name. >> i was just about to say that. you took the words out of my mouth. >> how many people do you know named thor. >> it's pretty appropriate. all right. stay with us.
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>> little but they cars. -- bitty cars. >> a minnesota man left his house and all of his contents to the church. every single wall and surface, is completely covered. the man collected them during his entire lifetime. the church plans to auction those cars off and use the money to help remodel and expand the youth facilities. if i read the story correctly, i saw that nobody knew that this collection existed. >> i think every kid, every guy still has a couple of model cars. >> you included. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok?
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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>> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show."


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